Why Blockchain?

Transparent information

Blockchain has started to make substantial changes to the way business is conducted due to it’s feature of real-time information dissemination.

In increasingly complex corporate environments, the need to simplify and accelerate business and operational processes, increase transparency, improve traceability and reduce costs has been the driving force behind the growth and adoption of the technology.

The world of Smart Contracts,

a true revolution.

A Smart Contract is a digital contract between two or more parties that uses a codified protocol to assemble, verify, and execute an agreement with the utmost security. Stored in a Blockchain, it is written as software that automatically executes a series of actions if and only if the conditions are met. Therefore, once the conditions have been validated, the rules
cannot be changed.

What is it for? A Smart Contract can be used to automate repetitive tasks, transfer securities, or establish contractual obligations between the parties