Welcome Revolution,

Welcome to Artis.

Artis is a professional services firm that specializes in Smart Contracts development and Blockchain consulting to help businesses and governments think and act differently about the challenges they face. We are innovative "out-of-the-box" thinkers excited to solve complex challenges through secure, easy-to-use Smart Contract based solutions.

Hello Smart Suite!


We offer a human-centered suite of applications that turn traditional
transactions and agreements into SMART solutions.

Designed to build trust and responsibility in managing processes, Artis
has innovative answers for diverse problems such as government subsidies,
corporate expenses, voting, incentive programs, benefits for collaborators,
and more.

A world of available digital solutions

Smart Money

Your resources

A solution designed for better control and administration of financial resources by governments for citizens. Smart Money provides access to credit for basic products and services, education, housing, and more.

Smart Voting

1 token, 1 vote

A digital solution that enables quick and direct voting. It provides a transparent and controlled system to any government, company, or institution requiring a voting session.

Smart Citizen

Smart Money + Smart Voting

Your smart government, your smart citizen. Two integrated solutions that allow for successful governance to improve citizens’ quality of life.

Smart Audit

Efficient Management

A solution created to reduce auditing costs, increase compliance scores, and increase audit completion speed.

Smart Communications

Keep the data in your hands

A solution allowing for all digital communications to be safely stored in a Blockchain without the risk of being deleted by a third party, regardless of the channel — IM, email, social media.

A universe of benefits

We make your organization simpler

Efficient Saving

Manage all your transactions more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional methods. What’s more, Artis is agile and easy — so save time!


The Artis apps do not require servers for data storage. The information belongs to you, and there’s no need for intermediaries. Plus, no monthly maintenance costs are involved.


All information and data are stored in the Blockchain for you to query as often as you need.


The foundation of Artis. Everything that happens on Artis is stored in a Blockchain, which provides real-time verification by all parties.

They trust Artis

Interconnected and networked

Crowe Global is the eighth largest professional services firm network in the world.
It operates in more than 146 countries and has a team of over 42,000 professionals that provide world quality services consistent with corporate values.

Crow Spain is the eighth largest auditing, consulting, legal, and tax advisory firm in the country. It’s made up of professionals that know the local laws and customs, which allows them to help clients make smart decisions to successfully grow in the market.

"Artis is honored to work directly with the founding team of the Bitcoin network Satoshi Vision"

The Association seeks to build a regulation-friendly ecosystem that fosters lawful conduct while encouraging technology innovation. More than digital currency and Blockchain, Bitcoin is also a network protocol. Just like the Internet protocol, it is a set of fundamental rules for any data network. Artis has been accepted as a member of the Bitcoin Association.